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I need to do a refund to paper or an e-ticket?

Before you do a refund you MUST KNOW the cancellation Penalty.

Refund without penalty Refund with a penalty

TRF125-1234567890 TRF125-1234567890

This will display the refund application 125 airline - 1234 being ticket number

TRFP if there is no penaltyTRFU/CP50A penalty usd50

Now check the TJQ to see that refund is processed.

Divide/ split how do I do it?
Please note that if a passenger is cancelling from a multiple passenger PNR no need to do a divide.
All you need to do is XE2 (2 being the passenger number in the PNR) and close it.
The divide/split process is:
  • SP2 (2 being passenger number) or SP2,7 (2,7 are passengers 2 and 7 in a PNR)
  • RFxxx (xxx being your name)
  • EFAt thistime the otherPNR should come up however if it does not please do EF again.